About Bill Volz

I started out close to 20 years ago working at Quiksoft Corporation (http://www.quiksoft.com) as a software developer.   There I worked on the EasyMail product line which included C++ libraries, COM components and eventually .Net libraries to handle SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, Message Parsing, and Mail Storage. 


At that point I went on to develop SMTPExpress, which is a windows C++ 32 bit message transfer agent used by high volume senders to get their email out as fast as possible.    This was the first generation MTA server and it did very well.   At that point SMTPExpress Pro was born.  The Pro version had additional features including massive IO improvements and delivery rules to help throttle messages to particular domains.


Soon after I started working on the next generation MTA, which would be a complete rewrite using a combination of C++ and .Net.  Using C++ and .Net together allowed us to use the right tool for the right job.  We were able to achieve unmatched performance using C++ with inline assembly when needed while building the GUI and business logic using easily maintainable c# .Net code. 


Once complete the new version was so impressive it needed its own brand and name, which is why SocketLabs, Inc. (http://www.socketlasb.com) was formed.   The new name for the server became Hurricane MTA Server.  Since then there have been many updates and features.  I can confidently say it performs better then any MTA available on the windows platform.   Since then SocketLabs has grown a lot and now I am work with a great team of developers on many other related projects including Hurricane Assembly Server, a Custom Spam Scanning engine, REST APIs, a Proxy Server, and a Load Balancer just to name a few.


Currently I am Director of Software Engineering at SocketLabs, Inc.